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10x20 Custom Branded Tent: Coca-Cola

Updated: Mar 15

Working with Coca Cola was both an honor and a challenge; an honor because they chose us as their trusted vendor, and a challenge because the brand's stringent requirements demanded nothing less than perfection. Coca Cola opted for our 10x20 pop-up tent, designed for maximum brand visibility. The tent’s bright red top, featuring the iconic Coca Cola logo, was created to be as visually striking as it is functional.

10x20 Custom Branded Tent & Table Cover Coca-Cola
10x20 Custom Branded Tent & Table Cover Coca-Cola

For this particular project, Coca Cola opted for our Rhino Max frame, a testament to their requirement for a robust and heavy-duty pop-up tent. Known for its durable build, the Rhino Max was the perfect choice for a brand that needed the tent to be as reliable as their beverages are refreshing. We worked in close collaboration with Coca Cola's marketing branch, aligning their brand-specific color codes meticulously to create a tent top that is not just vibrant but also precisely in line with their iconic branding.

The details of this custom-branded tent go beyond just the material and frame; it’s about seamless coordination to meet Coca Cola’s unique challenges. Whether it's budget constraints or the need for bulk orders, our team has risen to the occasion. Made entirely in the USA, our tents offer Coca Cola the assurance of quality, durability, and the sort of attention to detail that a leading brand expects.

10x20 Custom Branded Pop Up Tent Coca-Cola
10x20 Custom Branded Pop Up Tent Coca-Cola

This project has cemented our relationship with Coca Cola, turning them from a first-time client into a regular customer. It underscores our commitment to providing customized solutions for clients ranging from small businesses to global corporations. With Coca Cola, we've not only met their expectations but have exceeded them, leading them to place further orders with us. The success story with Coca Cola serves as an outstanding example in our portfolio, showcasing our ability to deliver high-quality, American-made tents that meet the varied needs of our clients, from the up-and-coming to the well-established.

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