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10x20 Food Vendor Tent: Chipotle

Updated: Mar 15

Chipotle, a brand synonymous with fresh, delicious Mexican cuisine, entrusted us with creating a 10x20 pop-up tent that would serve as a mobile extension of their restaurant. Situated in bustling events like private functions, corporate engagements, and music festivals, this tent had to be nothing short of extraordinary. Designed to flawlessly integrate with Chipotle's existing branding, the tent features mesh walls for ventilation—a crucial aspect when dealing with food preparation. Complementing these are printed half walls, which carry Chipotle's easily recognizable brand identity. The result is a beautiful mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal that draws the eye and captures attention, encouraging attendees to make a beeline for some classic Chipotle offerings.

10x20 Food Vendor Tent
10x20 Pop Up Tent: Chipotle

The choice of a 10x20 pop-up tent wasn't just about size; it was about optimizing the space for both the workers and the customers. By providing ample room, Chipotle staff could operate efficiently, ensuring a smooth and speedy service. This benefits not just Chipotle but the entire food service industry, presenting a template on how to balance operational needs with customer experience seamlessly. Moreover, the mesh walls keep the tent well-ventilated while ensuring hygiene, as they keep flies and other pests away from the food preparation area. The extra space also allows for dedicated zones within the tent, from food preparation to order-taking and customer service, making it a comprehensive mobile restaurant solution.

Our Los Angeles-based company, committed to American-made quality, was well-equipped to meet Chipotle's high standards. With our factory just a short drive away from the heart of Los Angeles, we can offer what most of our competitors cannot: quality, speed, and the assurance of locally sourced materials. This is why Chipotle chose us over competitors who may offer lower prices but cannot match our turnaround time and commitment to quality.

Events where this pop-up tent can make its mark range from intimate private parties and corporate mixers to large-scale conventions and music festivals. In such venues, the tent serves a dual function: as a place of business and as a live advertisement for the brand. The combination of eye-catching design and practical utility makes it an indispensable asset for any business looking to make an impact at events.

Chipotle's decision to go for a 10x20 pop-up tent from our range is a testament to the versatility and effectiveness of our products. Just as Chipotle has revolutionized fast-casual dining, this pop-up tent sets a new benchmark for what businesses in the food service industry can expect from their temporary establishments.

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