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School Tents: Chelsea High School

Updated: Mar 15

Chelsea High School, known for its commitment to providing students with extracurricular opportunities, recently entrusted us with a project that highlights the spirit of their Tennis Club. Required to be both functional and symbolic, we designed a 10x20 pop-up tent to perfectly encapsulate the energy and passion of their tennis players.

10x20 Custom Chelsea High School Tennis Tent
10x20 Custom Chelsea High School Tennis Tent

The tent, custom-made for the school's tennis team, showcases attention to detail in every aspect. Adorning the tent top are graphics and branding that echo the school's pride. The prominently displayed school logo, coupled with the bold “Chelsea High School Tennis” text, leaves no room for ambiguity. This is a tent that screams school spirit from every corner.

Beyond just the aesthetics, the tent's functionality was paramount. Recognizing the team’s need to securely store their gear at events, we added walls that provide an enclosed space, ensuring the equipment stays protected and organized. It’s not just a tent; it’s a safe haven for all the tennis equipment during those intense match days. It’s projects like these that remind us of the role we play in the community, assisting institutions like high schools in their endeavors. Chelsea High School's tennis club tent is more than just fabric and metal; it's a symbol of dedication, commitment, and pride.

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