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10x10 Food Vendor Tent: Potato Corner

Updated: Mar 15

Potato Corner, renowned for their savory flavored fries, took a leap forward in their gastronomic journey by collaborating with us. Drawing upon our expertise, we crafted a distinctive 10x10 food vendor tent that encapsulates the brand's vibrant energy and scrumptious offerings. The tent's design isn't just about aesthetics; it's an emblem of their commitment to delivering mouth-watering fries that keep patrons coming back for more.

10x10 Food Vendor Tent Potato Corner
10x10 Food Vendor Pop Up Tent: Potato Corner

Every detail of this food booth tent was designed to stand out, from the fully printed pop-up tent canopy teeming with Potato Corner's iconic branding, to the printed back wall and two snug side walls. These elements converge to create an immersive environment where the aroma of fresh fries meets the inviting ambiance of the tent. Attendees don’t just get to taste; they get to experience the full spectrum of what Potato Corner has to offer. They also adorned their tent with other marketing products like banners, a frame menus and flags.

Made with U.S. materials and manufactured right here in our South El Monte warehouse, this 10x10 pop up tent exemplifies the marriage of American craftsmanship and culinary prowess. Being in the heart of Los Angeles County, we understand the rhythm and pulse of local events and what it takes to make a statement. Potato Corner’s tent isn't just a food vendor booth, it is a portable tent, ready to be used at any outdoor market or event.

Food events are bustling, filled with eager patrons and intense competition. Our tents, especially tailored for such environments, offer reliability and durability. The food booth tent structure ensures Potato Corner can focus on what they do best: serving delectable flavored fries, while we take care of the rest, ensuring they shine brightly in any setting.

Our collaboration with Potato Corner underscores our commitment to providing businesses, especially in the Los Angeles County Area, with top-notch tents. As they serve their signature fries under our tent, we stand back with pride, knowing that our American-made, 10x10 pop up tent plays a role in their success story.


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