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Branded Pop Up Tent: Cross Bank

Updated: Mar 15

In an era where branding is paramount, even esteemed institutions like banks understand the necessity of showcasing their identity prominently at events. Enter the 10x15 custom pop up tent we designed for Cross Bank. Draped in a distinguished shade of blue, the tent exudes both the stability and trust that banking establishments signify.

10x15 Branded Pop Up Tent Cross Bank
10x15 Branded Pop Up Tent Cross Bank

The tent top proudly showcases the Cross Bank logo on its front, serving as a beacon for attendees, while the valances circling the tent ensure the bank’s name is visible from all angles. Such strategic placement ensures that the bank's identity is always in the foreground, whether for customers looking for their kiosk or for onlookers from a distance.

Opting for our Econo Max frame, Cross Bank made a savvy choice. While being economically prudent, they didn’t sacrifice on quality. The Econo Max frame, although one of our most affordable options, boasts a durability and sturdiness that surpasses many commercial pop-up tents on the market. This is reflective of the bank’s ethos - value-driven yet never compromising on quality.

10x15 Custom Branded Tent Cross Bank
10x15 Custom Branded Tent Cross Bank

Banks, like Cross Bank, often participate in community events, sponsorships, or even outdoor customer service points. Having a reliable, branded tent not only extends their reach but does so with the flair of professionalism and commitment. From local charity events to major financial summits, this tent is poised to be a reliable companion for Cross Bank, making their presence felt and remembered.

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